Gimble's Gambit

*Silence Falls

The party finds themselves in the silence of the orchard after an unknown assailant relinquishes it’s barrage of mental attacks. The only obvious way out of the orchard is up the old stone staircase at the far end. All is quiet. All is still.


Hmmm Metaxis moves forward to investigate this staircase.

*Silence Falls

The Staircase seems almost less of a staircase and more like the crumbled remains of old stone work. You can’t help but wonder if the stones were piled that way long ago to actually make a staircase or simply formed naturally by the erosion of the mazes under belly. They seem safe enough at a glance to easily climb to the top 20 ft above.

I hope you all have a merry Xmas this year.

*Silence Falls

Well then Metaxis will attempt the climb to the top.

Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year ;)

*Silence Falls

Stunned, Nora can only numbly watch as Metaxis begins to ascend the crumbled bricks and stone. She tries to breathe through the after effect of the illusions cast upon her but she cannot shake loose the unnerving feeling the spells have left her with.

Her mind, ravaged by the pyschologic assault, feels slow and tense as if deeply wounded yet there is no pain. There are no physical symptoms of the attack but the overwhelming weariness that she feels. Like phantom pains felt by an absent limb, her mind is rebelling against a pain that is not there – that never really was. She feels a gaping hallowness within her where pain should be.

After another deep breath she tosses a glance back toward the suffering goblins tied to the tree.

“Monk, shall we kill them before they recover… if they ever do recover?”

[Hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a very Happy New Year!!]

*Silence Falls

Metaxis makes his way to the top of the stairs with no difficulties. The makeshift staircase shows signs of frequent use, most likely from the goblins that lived here you reason. At the top of the stairs you can see that you’re still “outside” of the stone walls of the labyrinth. There are large stone statues worked into the outerwall you face as far as the eye can see. You note that the bohemoths are all slightly different from one another as if each had its own personality. Some carry swords and sheilds. Others carry longer weapons like pole axes and ranseurs. The one closest to you, on what seems to be the corner of the mazes expanse, carries a bow aimed at an unseen target up in the sky. Despite their differences you notice at least one similarity. They all have a green crystal faceted into the centre of their chests and you find yourself wondering what a crystal of that size might actually be worth.

You also notice someone sitting by the wall, head slumped down an very still. You can’t see it’s face nor can you really tell if it’s male or female. Judging by its size and the leather studs it wears you’d wager it’s most likely human.

*Silence Falls

Wihout waiting for Piika’s response, Nora unsheathes her rapier and slits the throat of two of the goblins, leaving the remaining goblin(s?) to the monk.
After wiping her blade clean on the skins and leathers of one of dead goblins, Nora follows Metaxis’s path up the staircase.

Despite being blown away by the grandness of the maze and the giant statues, Nora can’t help but focus on the green gems embedded into the stone giants’ chests. “I bet they would be worth more than enough to rectify my transgressions to the court… finally, to have peace of mind…” But, is it possible to assess their worth from this distance (my appraise mod is 10 if I have a good enough view of them)?

Upon noticing the possible human sitting against the wall, Nora begins to survey the area. Are there any tell-tale footprints or belongings left by the human to indicate he/she isn’t alone? Could this be an ambush or another whole party that was thrown into Gimble’s challenge?

How far away are we from this person?

*Silence Falls

Appraise: 10 mod + 20 roll (!!!! – I can show you the screen shot) = 30

Nora, concentrating closely on the mysterious human, casts “Detect Thoughts” hoping to know exactly how she should approach this stranger.

*Silence Falls

Game Day Sunday January 29th at 6:30 pm my place. Food, fun and the next chapter of Gimbles Gambit. Be there.

*Silence Falls

And Metaxis watches Nora cast we spell and await the outcome

*Silence Falls

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