Gimble's Gambit

*Silence Falls

The party finds themselves in the silence of the orchard after an unknown assailant relinquishes it’s barrage of mental attacks. The only obvious way out of the orchard is up the old stone staircase at the far end. All is quiet. All is still.

Honey Dew

That’s the taste the magic leaves in your mouth as it illuminates your surroundings like rose colored glasses in an otherwise dark and crooked place. This was sweet and you wanted some. please list your rolls. Listen/Spellcraft/Will.

The Orchard

Light fills the cave as the door swings gently open revealing an orchard of trees. More Goblins can be seen in and amongst the trees. They don’t seem to have noticed you yet. I need spot and initiative modifiers pls

The Dank Cave

When the party is finished resting they enjoy a healthy portion of leftover pork chops and starts to look around.

Who would like to look around?

Into The Maze

Well Done Gang! Please make yourselves comfortable in this lovely dank cave. Is it just me, or are those goblins starting to rot already?

The Adventure Begins

The party stands face to face for the first time…who speaks first? Let’s find out.

Adventure Log!
Campaign Blog

Welcome to our new campaign!

I encourage you all to use this blog site to create a ongoing, living environment for your character to live within the world we create. Feel free to post as often as you wish, respond to the other party members and let you’re motivations be known….or stay in the shadows and watch in silence if that’s who you want to be.

Most importantly have fun with it.

Remember that the story exists mainly in the relationships of the characters within.


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