Into the Maze

Into The Maze

After a surprising close call at the fountain the ragtag band of adventurers wastes no time and heads down the slope to the massive gateway marking the border of the great gambit.

Waivers were signed, and with a little diplomacy encounters were avoided.

“Too easy” they thought, barely noticing the first two encounters.

The foreboding sound of the door closing heavy behind them and the latching of the iron lock echoed in their minds as they first lay eyes on the a large wheel bearing alien markings. They would have to work together to get through this one.

But wait! A trap, discovered on the wheel proved that this was infact an encounter within and encounter. This place was turning out to be much more than meets the eye. Good thing that the party had brought the right tools for the job. Otherwise this trap infested place would surely be the end of them. Either that or the "mini"taur?, might gore them to bits. Which really was the better option here? And why was there always a minotaur? At least this one was little. Fortunately also that it ran in the other direction thought Metaxis. Finding himself completely alone when the beast first decided to show itself.

The deft explorers easily avoid yet another series of traps by beeing keen enough to spot the minotaur prints in the dust, bounding over specific tiles on the stone floor of the maze. Only to find themselves placing their very lives in the hands of a Warlock as pawns in a game of deadly chess. Trust? Sacrifice? What was the lesson here? If any?

Without time to ponder. The group finds themselves plunging into the darkness of an underground cave filled with goblins. Good thing this was no group of wetback simple folk or they may have been roasting on a spit that night. Instead the party dispatches the goblins in true hero fashion and takes their first rest.

All in an afternoons work. What was this wizard up to?

Into the Maze

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